Platform for Business Mobility

Say Yes

Say yes to the demands of executives, line of business leaders and end users. AirWatch enables you to support multiple mobile initiatives across your organization with a single platform. Gain global visibility across the organization and achieve greater efficiency by centralizing mobile operations.

Modern Architecture

Invest in a future-proof mobility platform that will power your entire business. With a modern architecture designed for mobile, AirWatch provides unified management of every endpoint, end-to-end security and seamless integration to enterprise systems.

Unified Management

AirWatch supports iOS and Mac OS devices, centralizing management across your device types and platforms. Our modern approach means you can group and manage devices differently based on ownership, country, business unit, device type and more.

End-to-End Security

AirWatch protects sensitive corporate data at the user, device, application and network levels. Our end-to-end approach to security leverages multiple layers of user authentication, access control and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies that work together to mitigate business risk.

Enterprise Integration

AirWatch extends existing enterprise systems to mobile through build-in platform integrations and our extensible API framework.

Do More

Do more for your business with a platform that enables you to be agile. AirWatch empowers you to launch mobile projects faster, automate day-to-day tasks behind the scenes, and delegate management to appropriate leaders within the organizations.

Speed-up Time to Market

Fast-track mobile projects with AirWatch. From the initial system setup to enrolling devices and users into AirWatch, we empower you with simple to use wizards, built-in integrations, pre-defined templates and bulk actions to get you up and running quickly.

Delegate Management

Delegate management across the organization. With AirWatch, you can assign administrator roles to any person responsible for a mobile initiative, whether it’s a group of devices or users, a business application, or a content service. This concept extends beyond IT and Line of Business (LOB) leaders to the users themselves, through self-service options.

Automate Manual Tasks

Automate day-to-day IT tasks that keep mobile services intact with AirWatch. Setup dynamic configurations to automatically update devices with the latest policies and settings without any user interaction. Activate our automated compliance engine to monitor and respond to non-compliant activities based on pre-defined rules.

A platform you can grow into rather than out of.

Meets Business Requirements

AirWatch offers a flexible platform that is designed to meet your business requirements. You can get started with a set of solutions, and continue to expand your adoption of AirWatch products as your requirements evolve.

Supports Business Growth

AirWatch is designed to support hundreds to thousands to hundreds of thousands of devices and users. Our scalable architecture allows you to manage an ever-increasing
 mobile deployment without increasing the burden on your IT team.

Built for Business

Choose Any Device

Choose the device that meets your requirements, and unlock its business potential with AirWatch.
We provide complete support for iOS and Mac OS devices, including iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple TV. Apple has built mobile device management (MDM) frameworks directly in their operating systems, enabling AirWatch to configure and manage business devices.

Managed Together

iOS and Mac OS devices already work well together. Why not manage them together? Deploy, secure and manage iOS devices alongside Mac OS devices in a single platform with AirWatch. We’re setting a new standard for enterprise mobility management (EMM) with a unified solution for all of your Apple devices.

Out of the Box Ready

Get devices in the hands of your users fast with AirWatch. Our integration with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) helps streamline setup for users, automates management for IT and ensures devices are configured the way you want—as soon as they’re taken out of the box. And with industry templates, deliver the right apps and policies with a single click.

Every Use Case

Apple devices may be your corporate standard or your end users’ top choice. Whether you’re deploying corporate-owned devices or allowing employees to bring their own, AirWatch gives you the flexibility to support every business use case.


Corporate-owned deployments are ideal when you want to give your employees Apple devices for work.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are ideal if your employees already have Apple devices they want to use for work.


Shared devices are ideal when you have multiple employees using the same Apple device to perform specific work functions.


Kiosk devices are ideal when you want to deploy Apple devices to enable customer self-service and entertainment.

With Care

Care for your Apple investments. View real-time device purchase and warranty information directly in AirWatch before you make the call to Apple support.