The ultimate POS

Amazing and Friendly User Interface Design and User Experience Design

Dual Link team is on the mission to design amazing user interface and bring the best user experience for helping you to understand the application easily.

Simple and interactive system

User interface is one of the most important parts of any system. It shows how the users will interact with the system smoothly, DL-POS provide you with a very simple, clean and smooth interface.

All in one, the only POS you will need

DL-POS provide you with a very simple, clean and smooth interface. The only complete POS system that meets all of your business’s requirements.

Fast and smooth

DLRetalPOS system developed and designed to
be very fast and smooth.

Fast, Simple and Practical

The point of sale terminal (POS) Dual Link has been developed and tested over the years under the most demanding conditions. Thanks to the logic proposed in the working processes of POS power and iPad versatility, you will re-gain and improve your business control. As a result, you will be able to focus on your main priority: “your customers”.

Control every aspect of your business with one finger.

  • One program with all the necessary tools to manage your business. We are the only company that delivers the full potential of the iPad as a POS and can bind and synchronize an iPhone or iPod as handled device without servers, the iPad is the server itself.
  • DUAL LINK POS is the only software needed to run your entire business operation, simplifying and automating many day-to-day operations, all from the comfort of your iPad.
  • Our system does not require a separate server. The iPad itself performs as the central data server and handles the synchronization for other applications. This represents a breakthrough in versatility, productivity and efficiency

Technical Advantages


The iPad like server

Local operation, is not necessary
to have a server. The main iPad
itself functions as a system server.


Remote Management

Management and remote
synchronization with Dual Link
manager web application.


Simple and intuitive

The simple and intuitive interface is
very easy to learn, reduces training time.


Without internet

No internet connection needed
to operate.


Without computers

Does not require a computer,
which translates into a lower cost
of equipment maintenance.


Full auto management

The user can customize the content of the application from the iPad itself, reducing maintenance costs.

Hardware Integration

Barcode scanners

Intelligent cash


Chip cards or magnetic stripe

NFC bracelets

Portable thermal printers


Label printer


Fingerprint readers

Thermal printers

External displays


for Bars & Restaurants

Take the control of your restaurant

Place your orders real fast with the POS Terminal app and watch them automatically synchronized to the Kitchen and POS Apps.

Send the orders as a whole or partially depending on your preference (mains, second dishes, desserts…).

Each product request reaches its destination printer. Inside the kitchen each request can reach a certain specific section, as well (cold, hot, etc).

Table Plan

Create all the plans per area as you need, fast and easy.
It will allow you to design maps/plans according to the actual distribution of your business and assign, if that’s what you want, a surcharge to all your products automatically to each or certain area, or, by percentage or amount.

Total Control over the ticket/bill

It is possible to perform partial payments, divide the bill between customers, split payment leaving the ticket still in open mode, assign as debt, apply discounts per percentage or for the total ticket amount, make invitations, invoices, etc.

You can also customize and set the outer appearance of your tickets and bills in a visual and interactive way.

Advanced Administration

You’ll have complete, organized and handy information. Automatic log in (cash activity, ticket contents and worker in charge). Control your team’s performance and efficacy. Manage VAT, prices or products of the day or seasonal, etc. Register products or categories by adding pictures from your library or the iPad camera.

Orders, Coming Up!

Non-located orders . Meant for orders that have no tables assigned, for those taken at the moment or the takeaway and delivery orders. For assigned orders (tables). Include table assignment and a visual reference of the tables occupied. Each order will be displayed in a list of categories and products that you can modify or delete, and add modifiers.

HomeKit support on the table map

Access to your Phillips HUE and Elgato EVE throughout the table map. You don’t need to leave the application to control the environment of your place.

Dual Link Slave

for Bars & Restaurants

The SLAVE Terminal App is an additional POS with the same features as the MASTER POS, except for the Administration Section. Any administrative management changes will be replicated to all slave devices.

Place your orders real fast with the SLAVE Terminal app and watch them automatically synchronized to the Kitchen and POS Apps.
Send the orders as a whole or partially depending on your preference (mains, second dishes, desserts…).

Each product request reaches its destination printer. Inside the kitchen each request can reach a certain specific section, as well (cold, hot, etc).
Receive and send orders and handle its payment from that same terminal by card or smartphone without having to move back to the main POS.

Waiter App

For Bar & Restaurant

The POS in the palm of your hand

In Handheld Dual Link Bar & Restaurant offers on all the functionalities of POS Dual Link, adapted for a smaller device. Its interface and size are perfect to take notice and take any action with one hand. The iPod Touch is a powerful, lightweight, inexpensive and easily replaceable device.

More and better customer service

Automatic Synchronization, Compatible with portable printers via Bluetooth.The Kitchen and Bar will begin to work enabling waiters to continue serving customers in any area. Send your orders in full or partially according to what you want to serve first (starters, main courses, desserts). The “modifiers” will help you inform the bar/ kitchen about any particular “preparation” for a dish. Know the status of your tables, busy or free, operations pending or in progress.

Chef App

for Restaurant: This is the tool for Chefs and head cooks at the kitchen.

The “mise and place” is ready. Everything is prepared. While the staff at the Dining area are taking the order to Table 3, the order command is already being displayed at the kitchen screen, allowing the team to start working.

Thanks to this application you will no longer need to use paper or wait until the waiter comes to the kitchen with the order commands to start preparing dishes.

In constant synchronization with the POS system and the Waiter app, the Chef App keeps the Waiters up to date via the App on the status of the food.

With an iPad and a Printer

You will see the customer´s orders organized by a first come first serve basis, you will be able to mark which dishes are to be prepared and which ones are ready to be picked. When clicking on a plate that is ready to be a pick at ticket will come out at the printer will with the name of the dish and the table to which it belongs.

Two Cases

It operates the same way as in the iPad, but when a dish is ready it will show up on the second waiter´s iPad screen and they will see a ticket which contains the dish information and its destination. When clicking on this note it will change registration status into a delivered dish.

By Category

If your kitchen has various orders, synchronize with as many Chef App´s as you may need to. When the dishes leave the kitchen, they will appear on their corresponding destination. Each kitchen party will only be able to see the dishes that are assigned to them.

Booking app

For Bar & Restaurant

Dual Link Booking POS App designed with different interfaces for each worker (hostess, RRPP, managers…), each worker will be able to login to his account and start working easily, Dual Link Booking POS App also developed with a lot of features , visualize real-time booking and automatic synchronization also, you can add your recurrent customer’s information or any other specifications so the waiters are aware (e.g. allergies) and Send messages to the kitchen or the bar so they can start getting ready.

Retail POS App

For Retailers

We have focused on reinventing the Retail POS concept creating an App which optimizes your stock management since it enters the warehouse until it’s sold to the client.

Centralize any operation which has anything to do with your business in an attractive, easy and intuitive manner.

This App will make the management of your business easy and profitable, no matter what kind of business you have: retail, wholesales, clothing stores, consumables stores, outlets, franchises, etc…

Full stock monitoring. Customizable barcodes, invoices, and tickets. Warehouse management /conduct periodic inventories. Supports payment devices. Advanced administration. Obtain reports of the most relevant data of your business.

Product matrix. Set up product variants. Use product matrices to quickly set up multiple variants of the same item, such as color, material, and size. Manage your stock. Upload, tag, analyze, sell, bundle and discount your products.

Setting up your store for the sales season was never so fast and easy!!!

Stock POS App

Digital Inventory Management

Dual Link Stock App designed with different interfaces for each worker (hostess, RRPP, managers…), each worker will be able to login to his account and start working easily, Dual Link Stock App also developed with a lot of features, it Supports bar code scanners, manage stock products, view packing lists, and the inventory. See how many units of each product you have and real-time synchronization with other Dual Link Apps.

Support bar code scanners

Manage your stock products

Real time synchronization

Product units

Delivery Notes




Web Manager

Control your data. Access Anywhere

The management is centralized and access is available from any device Change/insert/update prices and products while your staff is working with the POS. Send orders automatically to your most important suppliers. Save time and money! Export reports to Excel Manage all the relevant data regarding your business; revenue by product/type of payment/hour/ the worker, cash, credit card, customer debt…

Dual Link Web Manager is an application that can be accessed from your computer, tablet or smartphone regardless of your location. You will gain absolute business control remotely handling any aspect or situation taking place at your local, avoiding the need to be present at the business premises.

Manage one or as many businesses as you may need.


Throughout the Dual Link POS App, the franchises would be able to set common product pricing or discounts, happy hours, special dish preparations, etc., for all the establishments and at the same time.