Point of Sale System for Small Business

A simple and elegant POS & inventory software for small business.

Loyverse POS is a cloud-based, mobile point-of-sale solution aimed at small retail, restaurant and quick service establishments.With this software, users can manage inventory, visualize sales analytics and manage customer relationships.Loyverse POS allows users to sell products directly from iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.Discounts can be applied and orders can be modified directly from the platform.


Customers can choose to receive printed receipts or electronic receipts, and users can issue refunds whenever necessary.Receipt printers, barcode scanners and cash drawers are all supported by Loyverse POS.Users can make sales in offline mode because the system will store and then sync all data upon returning to an internet connection.


Loyverse POS also offers an employee management module, a sales analytics module and a customer communication module.

The advanced inventory add-on module enables users to create purchase orders, view inventory valuation reports and manage stock.

Point of Sale

Sell from a smartphone or tablet

Loyverse Free POS works on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablet.

Multiple payment methods

Whether it’s cash or card, integrated or not, or any combination of them – you will have a choice.


Apply discounts to the receipt or specific items.

Item variants

Condense the list of items, simplifying their creation and management. Useful if some products come in multiple versions like different sizes or colors.

Cash management

Track cash movement to reduce mistakes and staff manipulation.

Work offline

Make sales with weak or unstable internet. All data will be automatically synced once connection is restored.

Multiple locations

Manage multiple stores under one account. Track your sales, inventory, employees and customers — everything you need to know in one place.

Printed or electronic receipts

Give the receipt to customers in a way they prefer: printed or sent to an email.

Open tickets

Create, save and edit orders. Customers can pay when it's convenient.


Refund the selected item or all items on the receipt.

Item modifiers

Modify orders easily. Choose add-ons to dishes or how they're prepared in one click.

Easy scanning

Scan barcodes on items during a sale with built-in rear camera of your mobile device.


Supported hardware: receipt printer (Ethernet or Bluetooth), barcode scanner (Bluetooth or USB), cash drawer.

Dark theme

Use the dark theme in low ambient light environment to reduce eyestrain.

Inventory Management

Items import

Quickly add thousands of items using the CSV-spreadsheets.

Low stock notifications

Receive daily notifications about low stock to make the necessary item orders in time.

Transfer orders

Easily create transfer orders and move stock between your stores.

Inventory counts

Perform full or partial stocktakes with a barcode scanner or manually.

Label printing

Print barcode labels to effortlessly add items to sales, purchase orders or inventory counts.

Inventory valuation report

View report on the cost and potential profit of your inventory.

Track inventory

Track the stock of products and their components.

Purchase orders

Plan purchases, export records to suppliers, track stock receipts and manage vendor relationships.

Stock adjustments

Refund the selected item or all items on the receipt.


Track stock of items produced out of ingredients.

Inventory history

Gain insights into the flow of your inventory by viewing adjustment log.

Employee Management

Sales by employees

Track each employee performance and take informed business decisions.

Access rights

Manage access to sensitive information and functions.

Smart management

Information on the workload per hour allows for efficient managament of your staff.

Time clock

Employees can clock in/out and system calculates their total hours.

Sales Analytics

Analyse store growth as you view revenue, average sale and profit. Create informed and innovative business strategies consistently to prevent stagnation.

View revenue, average sale and profit

Track sales growth comparing with previous days, weeks, months or years

Determine which items perform well, averagely, or underperform

Analyze your sales, determine top-selling items, browse the history of your transactions.

Back Office

Sales trend

Track the sales growth or decline compared with the previous day, week, month and promptly react to changes.


Identify the cash lack at the end of the shift and track employees inaccuracy or manipulations.

Tax report

Browse reports on the tax amount needed to be paid and save time for their calculation.

Multiple stores

Manage multiple stores from a single account.

Build your customer base

Manage your customers, find the customers with the most visits or most purchased, etc

Popular items

Sales by item analytics allows the best-selling items to be determined and therefore the right purchasing decisions can be made.

Receipts history

Receipts history review allows you to monitor each transaction: sales, refunds, discounts.

Reports export

Export sales data to the spreadsheets for detailed analysis.

Employee management performance

Improve your employee management and increase their performance.

Stock levels notificacions

View stock levels and receive instant notifications when items are running low or out of stock.

Loyalty Program

Customers database

Analyze the number of visits and the customer purchases amount, to identify your most loyal customers.

Notes about customers

Make notes about customers to remember each client's personal preferences and to provide the best service.

Points reward program

Motivate customers to make reccuring purchases, awarding them bonus points.

Restaurant & Bar Features

Kitchen printers

Use kitchen printers at cafe or restaurant to inform cooking staff what to prepare from an order.

Dining options

Note whether customers are dining in, taking their order out, or requesting delivery.

Kitchen display system

Get orders to kitchen automatically, faster and with less errors. Less paper, less mess. Save and go green.

Predefined tickets

Predefined tickets allows you to quickly assign names to open tickets. For example, Table 1, Table 2, etc

Customer Communication

Customer display system

Display order information to your customers on a separate digital display simulataneously with thesale process.