It’s hard to know what POS system is going to be the best for your business.We’ll make your decision easier by helping you through the entire process, from the beginning and beyond.The Mac4U Business Solutions Team has researched many different POS systems and identified the ones that provide the most comprehensive, secure and easy-to-use solutions.

After an exploratory meeting to learn more about your business operations and goals, our team of experts is prepared to give you a recommendation on what system will best fit your needs.

We’re more than a system, we’re a platform

The most powerful iPad POS in the market

Revel™ boasts the most robust and reliable iPad-based “Point of Sale” system on the market. This POS software provides up-to-the-minute reporting to track the sales at your store. Whether you operate a quick service or table service restaurant or a retail establishment, Revel Systems POS software provides the features and functionality you need to run and grow your business.

Revel’s iPad POS is entirely scalable.

Designed specifically to scale with you as you grow, Revel™ can take you from the very beginnings of your business, up through to the franchise or enterprise level. No matter the size or type of business, Revel™ system has the ideal “Point of Sale” solution for you.

Control every aspect of your business.

One program with all the necessary tools to manage your business. We are the only company that delivers the full potential of the iPad as a POS and can bind and synchronize an iPad, iPhone or iPod as an order taker device without the need of a local server computer, the iPad is the server itself.

DUAL LINK POS is the only software needed to run your entire business operation, simplifying and automating many day-to-day operations, all from the comfort of your iPad.