Inventory Under Control

Inventory Management Software

With Yellow Dog Software, inventory management is a process, not a burden.

The key to successfully managing any inventory situation, is efficient controls and systems.  Whether your need is faster item creation and management, streamlined orders and receiving, calculated replenishment needs, electronic vendor invoice processing, more accurate physical inventories, or better analysis reporting, we will help you make your inventory a process and no longer a burden.

Interfaced to all leading point-of-sale, accounting, vendors, eCommerce, and other systems, Yellow Dog can handle your single outlet need or scale up to larger enterprise environments. 

Enterprise Management

With Yellow Dog Software’s enterprise management ability, you can controll inventory at any outlet neccessary. User security will allow you to decide who can access what information throughout the system.

Yellow Dog Mobile


A mobile app with some of the core abilities of the Yellow Dog Inventory client program.

Hardware Options

Retail Inventory Management

Yellow Dog Software offers a complete Retail Inventory management system that works seamlessly with the leading point of sale systems in the hospitality industry. Whether you are a single location, a multi-store chain, or a major league sports team, our system can be scaled and configured to meet you specific needs.

Stores Types that use Yellow Dog for Retail Inventory

Gift Shops, Team Stores, Boutiques, General Retail Stores, Golf Shops, Marinas, Tennis Shops, Coffee Shops, Markets, Smoke Shops, Tobacco Retailers, Breweries, Wineries, C-Stores, Athletic Centers, and many more.

Key Core Features Include

Retail Store

Retail Kiosk


Pop Up Store

Count Retail - Bar Code Scanning

Item Quick Scan

Perfect for scanning a bar code to see what you have on-hand across all of your stores. You can also take pictures of your items and recipes as well.

Inventory Items

Check all the properties of given item and attach pictures.

Manual Adjustments

Reduce and Increase an item’s on-hand with your mobile device.


Issue and Receive transfers into each store.

Mark Downs

Create price mark downs for any item. Pick an item, see the on-hands by store, check the last receipt date, set the mark down price and date…..done!

F&B Inventory Management

Yellow Dog Software offers a complete food and beverage inventory management system that works seamlessly with the leading point of sale systems in the hospitality industry. Whether you are a single location, a multi-store chain, or commissary operation, our system can be scaled and configured to meet your specific needs.

Key Core Features Include


Food Truck



Count Sheet - Food & Beverage

Recipe Viewer

View Recipes, watch video or url links, attach pictures, prep instructions, and check off ingredients.


Create requests to replenish from your warehouse/commissary and add items by a variety of options.


Inventory Management

Yellow Dog Software offers a 2-way integration that allows you to automatically synchronize inventory with your point of sale. Our Retail integration enables you to create and update items in the POS while pulling sales and returns to adjust inventory. Our F&B integration will pull sales information allowing you to map menu items to COGS accounts and recipes for inventory depletion.


Yellow Dog Software allows you to manage all the back-end operations needed to run an efficient Retail operation. You can use our software to create all your items, order and receive product, barcode and label items, transfer between stores, and perform all your reporting and data analysis needs. With our 2-way integrations to your POS, you’ll never have to enter data into multiple systems.

Food and Beverage

Our F&B features give you the tools to take control of your inventory and maximize profits and efficiency in your operations. With basic COGS or AvsT abilities, you’ll be able to manage inventory at the level you are comfortable with. We offer multiple item and recipe types, full purchasing ability, easy mobile physical inventories, and a reporting suite of over 300 reports designed to give you all the data needed to run a profitable operation.

Accounting Integrations

Yellow Dog offers accounting exports to multiple systems allowing data to flow electronically rather than through manual entry. We offer the
ability to export pre-coded invoices, item adjustments, transfers, and retail COGS to your accounting system. Let us show you how much time
can be saved by eliminating the need to hand key these entries.

Vendor EDI Integrations

With Yellow Dog’s EDI capabilities, any vendor that can supply an electronic invoice can be automatically imported into our system. We will retrieve invoices electronically and eliminate the manual data entry for you. With this feature, an inventory invoice is created with updated cost and quantity to match your paper invoice. Substitutions are easily managed as we allow you to alias the substitute directly to the original item for easy tracking.

E-commerce Integrations

Yellow Dog offers several interfaces to leading eCommerce systems to
help with your online business and keep all your inventory in one system. Based on the web shopping cart, some of the abilities allow you to update item information including description, pricing, on-hand quantities and pictures. Our sales integration allows us to update inventory as orders are being fulfilled.

Other Integrations

Over the years we have seen a demand to integrate with numerous 3rd party applications. As a result of this, we have fully developed an API with multiple endpoints that allow Yellow Dog to work with your other systems. Some of these integrations include bar scales and 3rd party logistics companies.

Bar Scales

Yellow Dog Software offers an integration to Freepour in Version 366+ (released November 2018). Freepour offers a digital scale with bar code scanning ability to simplify the physical inventory process. This data will be sent back to Yellow Dog Software via our API to be used in a physical inventory session.

Sales & Catering

Yellow Dog Software has integrated with the leading Sales & Catering Systems in the hospitality market.

Third Party Logistic Integrations

We have developed integrations with leading 3PL companies. These 3PLs handle the fulfillment of eCommerce orders and may also serve as the offsite warehouse for certain retail operations.